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14 August 2010 @ 10:19 pm
So I haven't posted on this thing in AGES well over a year, which is kind of pathetic. So I'm going to start trying again; I'm 20 now, which I suppose should show how long its been. I don't even really remember how to do anything anymore on this; like tag or comment, I have a blogger account which is probably half the problem :)
here is a thingy to try to show how much I've changed/grown, but also how much I haven't.

Ten random things about yourself.
10. Sometimes I wish I could forget some of the things I've seen/done/let happen
9. most of my friends don't know me at all - save one. And I'm afraid to let my friends see who I am because they might not like it.
8. Most of the time, I don't feel comfortable in my own skin - I feel incomplete, like a part of me is missing, but I don't know what that part is. I want to find it.
7. I love poptarts
6. I want a boyfriend
5. I'm a cynic who wants to believe
4. I hate techno
3. Reading and books are my passion - I wouldn't be me without them
2. being sad makes me afraid
1. I love my life, but sometimes I wish I didn't sit back waiting for the inevitable betrayal - which always happens.

Nine movies that you enjoy.
9. Four Brothers
8. Inception
7. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
6. Mean Girls
5. Batman (the originals, no Christian Bale)
4. Beauty and the Beast
3. The Hairy Bird
2. Stardust
1. Legend (with ity-bity Tom Cruise)

Eight things that you hate.
8. being lied to
7. bad plot-lines
6. cliques
5. girl-drama (but secretly I love it as well)
4. angry-yelling-screamo-music
3. expensive books
2. closed minds
1. the thought of being separated from my best friend.

Seven things you did today.
7. woke up
6. went to work
5. dealt with crappy customers
4. got a headache
3. came home - sleep
2. talked to best friend
1. watched vampire diaries (damon love!)

Six adjectives you'd use to describe yourself.
6. bubbly
5. closed
4. tough
3. sassy
2. protective
1. loyal

Five things you are thinking now.
5. how much I hate my neighbours and their stupid bad-loud music
4. how screaming "chug!chug!" can never end well
3. wondering how long they'll go for and if I'll be able to sleep before midnight
2. if boys like damon salvatore exist
1. and if they do, where do I get one?

Four things you are waiting for.
4. Happiness
3. Summer
2. Someone who I don't know who changes my world
1. Love

Three things you regret.
3. letting people go
2. my body being as unwell as it is (not my fault, but still, I wish I could change it, that's regret sorta, right?)
1. lying

Two websites you often visit.
2. facebook
1. google :D

One song you're listening to right now.
1. teeny-bopper music from next door...justin bieber, I think.. ew.
02 March 2009 @ 08:37 pm
I'm in Uni!
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21 February 2009 @ 10:15 am
Here's a thinker for you:
If all good things must come to an end, what about the bad things,
Can they go on forever?

Or maybe its one of those karma situations where one person thinks its a good thing and therefore it must end, and one person thinks its a bad thing but because of it being person a's good thing, it has to end and therefore the bad thing for person b ends as well.

Bad things probably will last forever - ie: breeches in human rights cause the majority think its a bad thing and so it will continue.
For example: terrorism. Let me just put this out there and say its a bad thing. I don't think there are many in the world who actually support it, except the terrorists of course. They think its a marvelous idea. And so for them it must end, and then when you think about it - the whole thing must eventually end : BUT 'end' might be interpreted as the-end-of-their-lives and so terrorism will continue because not enough people think it is a good thing. Maybe only when other people support the killing of hundreds will it stop.

Now I am not saying I am for terrorism (I think its sick, cowardly and despicable) but I am just trying to prove a point here.

Not that any of it really makes sense.
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12 February 2009 @ 02:53 pm
I have a job interview, do-dah do-dah, I have got a job interview which might lead me to a job!
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12 February 2009 @ 02:50 pm
You know what i realised the other day?
I have never been in a relationship during Valentine's day.
Which over the past few years has been a blessing to me because I consider Valentine's day a croc.
But this year i am torn between my desire for my new boyfriend to organise something special, and my hope that he'll simply laugh about it with me about how crappy Valentine's day is.

It's a mega confuzzeling life, you know, having a boyfriend and all that jazz. And I'll tell you why.
  1. You always want him to call, but of course, because its a new relationship you don't want to seem overly desperate and so hide your eagerness for a text/call
  2. Wanting to see him more then on fri/sat/sun but you know you can't because he's doing tafe and work and of course you don't want to hassle him.
  3. The huge part of you that wants to go "SCREW TAKING IT SLOW' but that's how you screwed it all up the last time.
  4. Not knowing 100% where you stand and not seeing him enough to risk screwing up one of the few dates you have a week by asking him.
  5. If facebook says I'm in a relationship (as in boyfriend/girlfriend) so can I therefore call him my boyfriend?
  6. Why hasn't he spoken to me about the party tonight?!

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02 February 2009 @ 12:20 pm
that then people find out and make issues out of it.
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19 January 2009 @ 06:40 pm
There is 3 hours until I find ot where I am going to university.
3 painstaking hours when everyone else has just found out cause they all ticked "yes" in a box when I ticked "no".
Damn that "no" box!
Actually to be honest.... I'm glad its not in the paper and that way no one can see what result I got.
even though I check my friends (manda, soph - here's looking at you)

But argh! The waiting....the waiting...
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01 December 2008 @ 11:25 pm
i know its silly and a completely 'hi I'm 3 years old,' sort of thing to do, but i am in a massive mope. normally when i get like this i would write it all out in my diary, which lives inside my computer. but tonight i can't do that. want to know why? because tomorrow my computer is being wiped. that's right. wiped.
vamos. emptied. delted. killed. terminated. hasta la vista, baby. you pick the adverb.
by tomorrow all that will remain of my beloved computer is an empty shell, lacking even the most basic of programs so much so that I shall even have to set up a new microsoft profile for myself. it won't know me!
i know that sounds silly, but its true.
throughout the best and worst 3 years of my life my computer has been my rock. it doesn't get moody, it doesn't not like me, it doesn't ignore, yell, bad-mouth, bitch behind my back or call me fat. it has to like me. and tomorrow it is being killed.
i feel like this is the last supper, or the death of a best friend.
I've got a pit in my stomach which keeps getting wider.
all I'll be left with is a shell with nothing inside it that doesn't know who I am. do you know how much that sucks? with a capital S.
i feel like im loosing a best friend.
and to top it off...
I've just finished high school.
this is quite possibly the best and worst times of my life. yet here i am lacking the love. I'm down, moody and in desperate need of a hug and a magic wand which could remove the memories of the guy i totally regret kissing at schoolies and give me a 40 for my IB school.
I'll let you know if one turns up.
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06 September 2008 @ 07:30 pm
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ok no. But its one of those that is sooooooooooo bad, it's AMAZING!
and it has yummy James McAvoy... so who could complain?
Sadly i only just found out he's married, so there goes my fantasy, but oh well.. a girl can dream right?

so anyway, i've been craving fanatsy movies (because i'm a nerd) for WEEKS and seeing as how i've been sick as a dog, coughing like a seal, and oozing like a slug I've been doing nothing but sit on my butt. so i decided to watch a movie.

so i went down to the store and rented: PENELOPE!

I didn't even realise Christinia Ricci was acting again (apart from speedracer) and I have to say I seriously love her, all her movies!!!!

ok, but back to penelope, it's a fairy tale set in modern day about a girl who has a nose like a pig. a little random i know. but it's so cute!

she's been kept up in her house by her mother who faked her death and whose busy trying to find her a husband to break the curse and give her a normal nose.

Yeah I know, random. BUT ITS SO GOOD!

watch-watch-watch. I'll make icons LATER!

and planning a mood theme when I have time :P
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05 September 2008 @ 08:44 pm
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Yes, yes, I know I'm a freak.

Seriously I am. I have spent the past two days watching perhaps one of the worst telivison shows ever! It's badly written, completely unrealistic, overdramatic and perhaps occassionally bad plot lines (ie: the twisted love triangle which combines everyone of the characters to one another - THE WORLD IS NOT THAT SMALL!)

Ok, so here's the drift of the story:
the main character - Amy - had sex with the 'bad boy' of the school - Ricky - at band camp. (Yes, at BAND CAMP, I mean cliche or what?!) then, of course, Amy become pregnant. And she doesn't tell her parents. and all the while Ricky is off with this other girl, Adrian, who, in turn, is hooking up with this other guy, Jack, whose the biblical-all-forgiving-christ-girl - Grace - (think Saved!) boyfriend. Oh and Amy goes on a date - yes a date WHEN SHE'S PREGNANT - with a guy who promptly say "I LOVE YOU" after their first date.

That's pretty much the first episode.

So here's my issues with the show:

1) Ricky is a pain in the arse horn dog of a character. I mean seriously, its like the writters have tried to give him depth but all they've done is made him come across as badly written and over thought.
2) The whole show is full of good ol' Christian values, its like 7th heaven meets the brady bunch meets a sperm driven group of teenagers who've watched the breakfast club one too many times.
3) The whole show feels forced to a large degree.

So here's why I keep watching:

1) IT'S SO DAMMIT ADDICTIVE. It's BAD. IT'S VERY VERY BAD. Yet I can't stop watching it because I love its because of its badness.
2)The main character (Amy) is so annoying yet totally believable for a 15 year old girl. She's so easy to relate to and the actress portrays it really, really well.
3) Amy's sister, Ashley, is the BEST CHARACTER in the entire show. she has the best lines, which will not make sense right now because its out of context but: "I know everything, and I have condoms."
4) The whole show is so BLOODY relateable. I love it!!!!

So yeah, there's nothing then a show you love which you know is terrible.

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