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imagination encircles the whole world

it's not weird, it's magical


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Welcome to the rant journal of Cute (aka: me!)
I am an 18 year old girl living down under, who is a few months away from joining a university. I have just left senior school, which I'd been at since year 7 and am now facing the big wide world of university and etc.

Buffy the Vampyre Slayer. Bones. Twilight. Gilmore Girls. Narnia. House. Supernatural. X-Files. Disney. Musicals. Fairytales. Indiana Jones. Veronica Mars. Merlin. Harry Potter. Tamora Pierce. Meg Cabot. Princess Diaries. Pushing Daisies. Lord of the Rings. Moonlight. One Tree Hill. Charmed. Post Secret. Starbucks. Star Wars. Gloria Jeans. O.C. Teen Titans. Avatar the last air bender. The Little Princess. The Secret Garden. Romeo and Juliet. Dirty Dancing. Mean Girls.

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